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Our animal health experience, service and product range is substantial, with all bases covered when it comes to endoparasite and ectoparasite control. We stock both Zoetis and Websters vaccine and are key partners with Bayer Animal Health, Coopers and Novartis. Animal Health Programs are an essential part of livestock management, and allow you to plan your activity and costs for the year. With a month by month breakdown, this advice has been paying dividends for our clients.

Incorrect drenching practises can result in an unnecessary economic cost for graziers, in terms of both excess inputs & production losses.
Whilst it’s common place to blanket drench, the right advice from an industry expert will save you both time and money.
Tailoring a plan specific to a client’s needs, in unison with seasonal conditions and with consideration of FWEC monitoring;
our broad-spectrum approach aims to provide best practice recommendations. Our goal is to minimise your inputs costs whilst
maximising your production in a sustainable, long-term manner.


Feed supplements are designed as an addition to a pasture and stubble based diet when the current nutritional and/or mineral requirements aren’t being met. This commonly occurs in the dry months or during drought. An inadequate diet is one of the main problems farmers face when rearing livestock. Deficiencies in minerals and nutrition can lead to weaner illthrift, reduced wool production, reduced ewe fertility, reduced immune response, and white muscle disease. To combat this, we stock an extensive range of feed and mineral supplements- available in pellets, concentrates, and blocks. Plus, minerals & trace elements in an injectable or oral drench form. We are key partners with all leading suppliers of animal health and welfare products, and source the best quality for value available.

Lice are a major concern for farmers in Kojonup and the surrounding areas. With our advice, we’ve assisted many clients to eradicate these costly parasites. Our service and advice in this field come from 40 years of both practical and professional experience. With the support of industry heavyweights like Dr Brown Beesier and Dr Neil Cooper, we have the back up to follow through on the many challenges faced by farmers today.

Lice infestation causes severe irritation to the host sheep, resulting in cotted wool, especially around the flanks. The cost to Australia per annum [in reduced wool quality and production, as well as expenditure on chemical usage and other preventative measures] is estimated to be $123 million.
Damage is usually not noticed until three months of wool growth, and significant infestation has already occurred. Kojonup Agricultural Supplies stocks a wide range of chemicals and applicators, to ensure our customers apply best practice method, targeted to their needs.


Vaccination is an essential component of your livestock management plan. For vaccines to be most effective, consider their use carefully in relation to the type of stock, season, property history and frequency of disease occurrence. There are several types of vaccines available on the market: live vaccines give an extended period of immunity after a single dose, while inactivated or ‘dead’ vaccines need a booster dose to maintain immunity. When an animal from your flock or herd first encounters a pathogen (disease-causing agent), and cannot generate an immune response quick enough, it will be susceptible to the disease. Lambs by nature are more vulnerable than adult sheep. Common diseases in sheep such as Clostridial, Scabby-mouth, Erysipelas arthritis and Ovine Johne’s disease (OJD) can cause significant economic losses and animal welfare concerns. However, these can be easily prevented by vaccinating. In addition, many vaccines are boosted with nutrients such as vitamin B12 and selenium. To achieve the maximin benefits out of your vaccination program, come in and consult with one of our qualified animal health advisors.

We supply all types of ear tags from a large range of suppliers including:




Stockbrands; and


Either order over the phone or download our order form and send back via email – Click here

Please Order at least 2 weeks before needed as there are delays due to peak order volumes during the lambing season AND some brands are manufactured over east and require extra time for freight.

We are able to supply the full range of mulesing and lamb marking supplies:

Marking rings;

Injection guns and needles;

Mulesing shears;


Lamb marking cradles;

Ear marking pliers; and

Much more!!!

Make sure you put your orders in early to make sure all your requirements are in stock!

An important focus in our service is conducting Worm Resistance Tests for our clients. This testing involves drenching, collection and the egg count which is completed in the Kojonup Agricultural Supplies laboratory. From there we provide our clients with a drench strategy.

One of the many services we provide is Faecal Worm Egg Count testing. This is carried out at our in-house laboratory, with samples being attained by clients. Alternatively we can organise on-farm collection. FWEC measures the parasite burden of your sheep mobs. We can test for anthelmintic drench resistance, individual sheep analysis, and offer advice suited to your needs. Results are collated and formatted in a PDF document which can be sent to you via email or fax. These results are followed by a phone call by a member of our senior staff, who can interpret results and counsel based on several years experience and industry knowledge.

Read more about Faecal Worm Egg Counts here.

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