Introducing the range of Racewell Sheep Handlers from Te Pari

Racewell Sheep Handlers Are In Stock At Kojonup Agricultural Supplies

Kojonup Agricultural Supplies are the exclusive agent for TePari animal handling equipment in Western Australia. Te Pari are a global market leader in safe, efficient and seamless livestock handling solutions. Click here for more information about Te pari products, solutions and their partnership with Kojonup Agricultural Supplies.

The Te Pari range includes the Racewell Junior Sheep Handler, Racewell Manual Control Handler, Racewell HD Full Auto Handler  and the Racewell Super Drafter all of which are highly efficient, sheep weighing and drafting machines developed by Te Pari. Investing in a Te Pari Racewell Sheep Handling System will improve accuracy in marketing, breeding and enterprise decisions. Racewell technology gives you the capacity to accurately and effortlessly measure, manage and market sheep on their individual merit. 

Racewell Junior Sheep Handler(JR)

The Junior Sheep Handler (JR) is Te Pari’s entry level unit. The JR comes standard with the remote switch mounted on the leadup ramp which activates the clamp wall and air operated entry gate. The JR is fully up-gradable to Manual or HD models. Basic features include:

  • Auto entry gate
  • Rubber floor hard-wearing and absorbs noise
  • Race base and pedal section
  • Hot-dipped galvanised built to last
  • Manual weighing
  • Remote switch for catch and release

Racewell Manual Control Handler (MC)

The Manual Control Handler (MC) has all the basic features of the the JR handler but  includes:

  • Three-way manually operated weighing and drafting
  • Remote control of draft gates
  • Auto-entry gate
  • Rubber floor – hard-wearing and absorbs noise
  • Race base and pedal section
  • Hot-dipped galvanised built to last
  • Manual weighing
  • Can be converted to side tilt
  • Remote switch for catch and release.

Racewell HD Full Auto Handler(HD)

This model can weigh and draft fully automatically by weight or EID. The HD is the state of the art sheep handler allowing tasks such as dagging, capsule drenching and tagging. The HD’s top of the line features include:

  • Three or six way drafting
  • Integrate ePanel EID reader
  • Trailer unit
  • Side tilt for crutching
  • Remote control of draft gates
  • Auto entry gate
  • Rubber floor – hard wearing and absorbs noise
  • Hot dipped galvanised built to last

Racewell Auto Drafter (DR)

The Auto Drafter (DR) is a simple weighing and drafting machine which utilisers the ‘magic eye’ and radio remote control technology as seen in the HD model.

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