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Make use of our well-maintained hire equipment including Speedtillers, Electrodips, and pneumatic post drivers.

Kojonup Agricultural Supplies has a range of equipment for hire from a  pneumatic post driver through to a 7.5m Speedtiller.  The range has been carefully selected to match our clients needs, where the capital outlay to buy is not justified by the amount it gets used.

When you are onto a good thing you stick to it!  In the case of Stihl, Kojonup Agricultural Supplies recognized how reliable and user friendly the brand is.  To find out more about this fantastic range click here.

Electrodip is a market leader in the production of high-quality Sheep Jetters. These innovative Jetters utilise constant high pressure with low volume product release, resulting in significant chemical savings. The Electrodip Sheep Jetter saves both time and money by efficiently dipping sheep in a matter of hours compared to traditional methods, which can take up to a matter of days to effectively dip the herd.

The sides of the Electrodip automatically adjust to the size of the sheep, whilst the innovative pumping system maintains a constant pressure at the nozzles, resulting in consistent jetting performance.
Low volume chemical application ensures that the correct amount of chemicals are applied in accordance with size and wool cover of the sheep, minimizing waste.

Available for hire today.

While we don’t hire them we do stock the Harvestaire Quicktrip Lamb Cradle seasonally. They have a wide range of features that make them the best in the industry including:

• Automatic release of lambs
• Easy loading
• Wide bucket option for large lambs – 2” wider
• Maxi bucket Option – 2” wider & 2” deeper
• Detachable arms allow for easy transport
• Labour saving – people + time
• Less damage to joints
• Lambs held calmly

We also stock the full range of marking and muelsing supplies including: Shears, Marking rings, Gas knives and the full range of accessories

Kojonup Agricultural Supplies has a proud relationship with K-line Industries since 2012 when it recognised the need for solidly constructed machinery capable of incorporating stubbles and hence retaining the valuable organic carbon it contains.

To quote directly from their website:

“Sustainable, innovative and farmer-inspired solutions — at K-Line Ag, we are committed to producing high-quality farm machinery equipment in Australia, rooted in our background as multi-generational farmers.”

We have sold machines such as their Speed-tillers ranging in size from 12.8m down to 2.4m and variety including the likes of deep rippers to trashcutters.  K-line’s attention to detail and quality is obvious to us in the minimal amount of aftermarket service each of the machines has needed.

We also Hire a variety of Speed-tiller machines ranging from 7.5m to 3.0m.  Contact us now to discuss your requirements.

Click here to learn more about K-Line tillage equipmemt.

Every farmer knows that feeling that comes into your shoulders and forearms when you look at a long line of steel posts that have to be driven into hard ground with a manual post driver!!

We have the solution in pneumatic post drivers.  We have them for sale or even a hire machine. Give us a call and turn that job from painful, to quick and easy!

High volume lousicides and drenches have led to the wider use of power dosers (Gas operated). While extremely efficient with saving time and effort, they do require regular servicing.  We stock the full range of parts and offer the expertise to service them if required.

That area that the slugs beat you to in the canola doesn’t look very big until you start hand spreading.  We can organise to buy you one or you can hire our C-spreader slugmaster which has the following features:

  • 12-volt
  • 75 Litre capacity hopper
  • Up to 24m spread width
  • Applies 2.5–20 kg/ha
  • Five application rate settings

We have it conveniently mounted on a pallet ready to sit on either your ute or ATV. Call us to arrange either a new one or hire ours.

When needing to bury a pipeline, we have just the machine for you. Designed and built by one of our technicians it is a 3 point linkage ripper with the facility to run up to 50mm (2″) pipe in the furrow behind.  Give us a call to arrange hire of this machine and for all your poly pipe requirements.

While we don’t hire out any of the Te Pari range of equipment we do offer the full range of parts and service to keep these essential tools operating at peak efficiency.

Click here to learn more about the Te Pari range.

Tiny by name, not by nature!! This monster double disc machine is available for hire to work on your non-wetting soil problems. With a disc size of 117 centimetres (46 inches), it can delve  to at least 350mm to bring more clay to the surface on those non-wetting sands and gravels.  Not for the faint of heart, it requires at least 400 horsepower to pull, but the increased germination visible in the following crop has been nothing short of amazing.  Ring us now to book in to use it.

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