4 Seasons Stock Blocks

4 Seasons continuously develops products that are being sought by rural Australia and New Zealand. Their range of 100kg blocks grows to meet the needs of the large stock owners, whilst the range of 20kg and 25kg blocks suit the smaller land holders. High demand has 4 Season including a wide range of products such as salt blocks and molasses blocks to our constantly growing range of products.

Stock Block Pro 40

A block for cattle and sheep grazing dry pasture containing 12% urea. Pro 40 allows more stock to digest dry pasture leading to higher production. The block contains a balance of bypass meal, crushed grain and urea. Available in store  now in both 20kg and 100kg blocks.

Stock block Graze

Maintenance block for cattle and sheep, good analysis of selenium. Great block for areas with selenium deficient soils. Available in store now in 20kg blocks.