General merchandise – work boots, shearing supplies, fencing and all farm requirements

Whether it be work-boots or shearing combs, Kojonup Agricultural Supplies stock an extensive range of the most popularly requested lines of Farm related Merchandise.  While the list to the right covers most of what we stock, it is by no means everything.  If you want it, we will make sure you get it.  Give us a ring or just come on in!

Extensive range in stock.

We proudly stock an extensive Blundstone, Redback, Steel Blue, Thomas Cook, & Froggers boot range. We are also able to place special orders, with the average turn around being completed within the same week of ordering. Not just for adults – we also supply children’s boots, catering for the many local schools in the region.

Handling of chemical and many other agricultural products requires personal protective gear to prevent injury. Gloves, coveralls, aprons and masks are always available on hand for purchase, leaving the farmer with one less worry to organise!

Stock always available.

Whether you need Working Dog by Pedigree for your mate, mature blend for the retiree, or a premium feed from Advance for your house dog – we carry a variety of 20kg bags. There’s always stock available for you – we also carry cat food!

In addition to food, we cater a wide range of dog and cat wormers, plus flea & tick prevention products. Tie-out chains, muzzles, collars and beds. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Talk to one of our friendly staff to have the item order in!

For the chook owner, we carry a wide range of poultry feed and accessories.

Grounded in product innovation, Conoco has been a lubricants industry leader for more than 130 years. In the early days, Conoco greases lubricated the axles of prairie schooners crossing the western frontier. Today, the Conoco brand is globally respected for its innovative products and commitment to optimal equipment protection and performance.

Just some of the products we have in stock include: Diesel 15W40, Hi-performance 15W40, degreasers, heavy duty lanolin coating, grease cartridges and much more.  Investigate for yourself, and give these tried and tested products a spin.

It is the best job for seeing what you have actually achieved in a day.  As many of the older farmers around say “Do it once and do it well, that way it won’t be until the next generation until it needs replacing!!” We stock a range of quality products from manufacturers such as Speedrite, Southern Wire, Waratah, Cyclone and DTS.  So whatever your needs and whatever your budget come and see us for:

  • Netting
  • Plain wire
  • Steel posts
  • Energisers
  • Insulators
  • Gates
  • Hinges
  • Tiefasts and much more

For all your shearing needs come and see us at Kojonup Ag. Supplies.  Some of the items we  stock:

  • Heiniger handpieces
  • Beiyun Handpieces
  • Large array of combs and cutters (Heiniger and Ace)
  • Shearing pants
  • Counters
  • Floor sweeps

We stay open until at least 5:30pm so you can get the supplies you need after a day in the shed.


In the interests of serving the local community Kojonup Ag. Supplies provide an alternative to the other major brand. We stock 45kg household and 8.5kg BBQ exchange bottles.

WA Gases – never rent bottles again!

WA Gases distribute industrial gases in Western Australia through their retailers such as Kojonup Ag. Supplies.
Own your own bottle of Argon / CO2 , Oxygen, Acetylene, Nitrogen and Helium instead of renting.

No complicated contracts, No fixed term pricing, No ongoing fees or hidden charges.

Reduce problems with logistics and quality around harvest and baling. Grain storage systems come in a range of shapes and sizes to meet farm requirements and careful planning is needed to optimise an on-farm grain storage facility investment. According to the option selected, on-farm grain storage systems can provide a short-term or long-term storage facility. Depending on the goal of on-farm storage, whether it be access to improved markets or simply to maximise harvest efficiency, there are a number of options available.


Bulk grain bags, also called Silo Bags, are a useful harvest storage option if used appropriately. Planning combined with careful management is essential for a good result. Kojonup Ag. Supplies have access to a wide range of good quality bags.

Some key points for their use:

  • Grain bags are best suited for short-term, high-volume grains to assist with harvest logistics;
  • Site planning and preparation is the first and most important step for successful storage;
  • Grain bags are a higher risk form of storage compared with silos; and
  • Weekly inspection of grain bags, or more regularly, and patching holes will reduce the chance of grain losses from moisture or pests.


Silos come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Kojonup Agricultural Supplies have acces to a number of fabricators including local companies: Pederick; Moylan; and Birds.

There are a number of factors that should be considered when ordering a silo:

  • Volume required i.e. How much and what type of grain requiring storage;
  • Height that suits your existing or intended grain equipment e.g. what size auger is required to reach the top for filling;
  • Ability to be sealed. A necessary feature to ensure adequate treatment of grain is possible for insect infestations; and
  • Safety features such as ability to close top hatch from ground or safety line to clip onto when climbing ladder.

Wraps & Twine

Kojonup Ag. Supplies has access to a wide range of silage wrap, net wrap and twine to suit your silage and hay requirements. If we haven’t got the specialty type you need in stock we are usually able to supply it by the next day with our “can do” approach


Being one of the most essential pieces of machinery for grain or livestock production, Kojonup Ag. Supplies has ensured it has direct access to a number of suppliers including Burrando Hill and Commander Agquip.

As with a silo a number of questions need to be answered before ordering. Some of these are:

  • What is the maximum lift required i.e. height and diameter of the silos or bins it needs to discharge into – this affects the length required;
  • What rate of discharge is required in tonnes per Hour (T/hr) -this affects the diameter of the auger needed;
  • Whether it is stored outside 12 months of the year – may need to be galvanized paint;
  • Needs to be self propelled – i.e. if one person is not going to be able to manoeuvre the Auger into required position by themselves; and
  • Will it be self-contained or driven off a tractor PTO.

Field Bins

Being one of the most essential pieces of machinery for grain or livestock production, Kojonup Ag. Supplies has ensured it has direct access to a number of suppliers including Burrando Hill and Commander Agquip.

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