In-house analysis of stomach parasites in livestock.

Faecal Worm Egg Counts

One of the many services we provide is Faecal Worm Egg Count testing. This is carried out at our in-house laboratory, with samples being attained by clients. Alternatively we can organise on-farm collection. FWEC measures the parasite burden of your sheep mobs. We can test for anthelmintic drench resistance, individual sheep analysis, and offer advice suited to your needs. Results are collated and formatted in a PDF document which can be sent to you via email or fax. These results are followed by a phone call by a member of our senior staff, who can interpret results and counsel based on several years experience and industry knowledge.

Ewe and her lamb.
Sheep in shed.

Drench Resistance Testing:

It’s extremely important to know the infestation level of worms and their drench resistance status before you start drenching. This is firstly because you may not need to drench, and secondly because you’ll want to use the most effective drench possible. Ultimately, correct testing will save you both time and money.

  • Worm Egg Count Reduction Test [WECRT] is the most accurate measure of drench resistance.
  • Examines each drench’s effectiveness for each worm type present.
  • Drench actives tested include albendazole, fenbendazole, levamisole, abamectin, and moxidectin.

Individual Genetic Testing:

Individual genetic testing is used to aid in identifying ‘natural worm resistance’ in individual sheep. This desirable genetic trait is a common breeding objective. The information attained via individual testing can be utilised via controlled breeding to lower worm burdens on the property. It is also useful in the introduction of new animals to the flock, to reduce dependence on chemical products, and for quarantine purposes.

Bulk Samples:

Sample groups between 10-20 per mob can be averaged to give an overall analysis of a mobs faecal worm egg count. This is a quick and efficient option for testing which saves on both time and money. The results determine if drenching is necessary, and can also be used  post drench to determine the effectiveness of that particular drench on the farm.

Kelpie at work in the sheep yards.

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