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A large part of any agricultural retailing business revolves around chemicals.  What sets Kojonup Agricultural Supplies apart from the rest is that we have experience in the actual purchase and use of these products. So, when you want practical advice on your chemicals or just someone to bounce some ideas off – come and see us, you won’t be disappointed!

Chemical Range

Broadacre chemicals is an ever-changing and complex industry. Here at Kojonup Agricultural Supplies it remains a focus to provide clients with the most up-to-date and effective products available. Through the NRI network and our own industry contacts, there is nothing we can’t access.   Our range includes all the leading brands such as Nufarm, Syngenta, Bayer, Sinochem, Sacoa, Monsanto, Dow, Cropcare, Ospray, Sumitomo and many more through to the generic brands such as Farmoz, Chemtura, Kenso, Agro-Alliance, and Imtrade. Stock includes fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and rodenticides.

Getting it right from the very beginning is essential no matter what you are doing. There are a myriad of fungicide/insecticide treatments available that are essential to protect that planted seed from being attacked.  Kojonup Ag. Supplies has access to the whole range of treatments and combined with advice from our agronomists or your own consultant you can choose the level of protection for the crop and pasture seed you want to plant.

Full seed coverage of these treatments is essential for 100% efficacy and we have also put a lot of resources into building our own applicator which is available for hire.

Spot Type Net Blotch, Powdery Mildew, Stripe Rust and Sclerotinia to name just a few of diseases that can cause a major loss in crop production.  While we have a broad range of products to cover all these leaf and stem borne diseases, more recent research has recorded an increasing level of resistance.  Make sure you consult with an agronomist to ensure you keep rotating different modes of action and therefore the efficacy of all the different fungicides.

Just when you think you’ve got your crop or pasture nice and clean of weeds and ready to carry through to senescence, suddenly there is outbreak of some type of insect that is ravenously devouring the results of your hard work.  While it is tempting to go and grab the most toxic chemical available to “nuke” these pests, there are a number of things to consider:

  • There is widespread resistance to a number of common broad spectrum insecticides, so selection and rotation are important;
  • Some insecticides have quite long withholding periods, so caution needs to be taken to make sure the pasture/crop is not grazed/harvested within this period;
  • Broad spectrum insecticides kill the “beneficial” insects that may be able to control those that are causing the damage, it is much wiser to use advice from your agronomist and find out which insecticides are more targeted and use one of those. This is called Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Give Kojonup Agricultural Supplies a ring to find out more!

Herbicides are broken in to two main categories of pre-emergent and post-emergent:

Pre-emergent chemicals tend to be non-selective and will kill all plants that they come into contact with; and

Post-emergent chemicals have particular characteristics that allow them to selectively kill certain plants e.g. Broad leaves as opposed to grasses or vice versa

It is very important to note a few plants have been bred or genetically modified to withstand non-selective chemicals such as Glyphosate or Imidazolinone e.g. Roundup Ready Canola or Clearfield Wheat respectively.

Whatever your requirements Kojonup Agricultural Supplies will have the product and the advice

Get the most of your pesticides and make sure you use the right additives for different climatic conditions. The old catch cry “Oils ain’t oils” is very relevant to the full range of spray oils, adjuvants and surfactants that Kojonup Agricultural Supplies.  Over the years of farmer feedback and trials we have learnt to only supply quality products from manufacturers such as Sacoa, Dow and FMC.  Contact us for your specific needs.

KAS is committed to finding the best lime according to % neutralising value/$.  In a deal with Optima out of their Boranup pit we are confident that this is the case for a majority of our customers within a certain distance of Boranup.  Please call us for your all your lime needs and we’ll ensure you get the best “bang for your buck”

Whether it be trace elements in oxide, sulfate or chelate form, Kojonup Ag. Supplies stock them all! With the different forms, the amount of the trace element available varies, as well as the compatibility with other herbicides/insecticides being sprayed out at the same time, this is why we recommend talking to an agronomist to ensure you select the right form. Ask about the Tanuki range of copper oxides that have been proving to have improved solubility and compatibility than many other brands due to their specialized formulation.

Kojonup Agricultural Supplies owns two trucks for on-farm bulk deliveries if requested. This aids with timely deliveries, allowing for better logistics and reducing the  delays associated with busy periods such as the pre-seeding rush.

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