About Great Southern Shower Dippers

Great Southern Shower Dippers provide quality sheep shower dipping services to Kojonup, Katanning, Nyabing, Dumbleyung, Narrogin, Williams, Wandering, Tambellup Newdegate, Mount Barker, Albany, Borden, Jerramungup, Boyup Brook and Bunker Bay. Great Southern Shower Dippers have a proven solution for effectively eradicating lice. Bill Young, Temby White, and Brendan Whitely operate modern & well maintained Shower Dips.

Great Southern Shower Dippers maintain their quality service by:

  • Saturating sheep in a large well irrigated spray box;
  • Using quality well known R & D products such as Coopers Blowfly and Lice, Assassin and Strike –all competitively priced;
  • Ensuring they tailor these chemicals to your needs depending upon withholding period, protection period and shearing times;
  • Accessing experienced consultants to assist you with the best advice and service to eradicate and control lice.

Great Southern Shower Dippers are now being profiled on local commercial radio stations as can be heard in this web post.

How to contact Great Southern Shower Dippers

For more information about Great Southern Shower Dippers please call 0407 311 149 or visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Great-Southern-Shower-Dippers/738126246269798